Monday, March 10, 2008

Vinylmore: Quetzl-Hunab-Coatl-Ku by Daniel "R5" Brojas

quetzlhunabcoatlku, originally uploaded by sugarfreak.

also known as R5-Rope5 & Burn Syndrome (Da-Flow collective).

R5 is originally form Mexico City but has been living in the US for many years now. R5's social & cultural influences clearly reflect in his work. "I have a very lighthearted approach to my work and life in general, I tend to be very care-free. I am an artist, graphic/product designer, photographer, jeweler and collector. Most all the creative endeavors I do on my own are out of a personal passion without care of success or fame. I try to benefit others through my own creativity, I want to create positive change though my artistic vision & projects; throughout the span of my lifetime."

Alternate View

Template: Fourcube
Size: 8 inches tall
Note: Artists' share of proceeds will be donated to a Maya preservation charity.

Our art toy show, Vinylmore, will have its opening night party @ atomic POP on Friday, March 7. We have over 50 different artists participating, working with Qees, Munnies, and various other blanks. We've started receiving toys for the show, so we'll be posting some of what you can see here.


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