Sunday, March 16, 2008

Vinylmore: Ottantasette by Ty Finocchiaro

ottantasette, originally uploaded by sugarfreak.

Ty is Italian and he can't really help it. The poor bastard can often be found staring at a much loved pile of 50 year old metal and pitted chrome parts that will one day be a functional Vespa. In the meantime, painting vinyl fills this aching void in his life.

Alternate view.

Template: Sqwert
Size: 5 inches tall

Our art toy show, Vinylmore, will run through March 31 @ atomic POP on Friday. We have nearly 50 different artists participating, working with Qees, Munnies, and various other blanks.


Blogger Bogdana said...

i want to buy your little white and blue vinyl toy with the drink cup. How much is it, and can I do it online or do I have to come to atomic pop? I go to school and work :( I'm so busy! :(

7:21 AM  

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