Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Vinylmore: Clown by The Lotus Assassin AKA The Dunny Assassin

Clown, originally uploaded by sugarfreak.

Little is know as about this vinyl assassin. The Lotus Assassin drifts in and out of the shadows and dwells in the darkness. Friend to none, except for those that reside in his clan, this sword for hire will eliminate whoever he is commissioned to kill, whether it be subtle and precise or savage and relentless, whatever the client wishes of him. This efficient killer, or freelance Shinigami, spends his time designing, drawing, and customizing vinyl pieces, when not on the hunt to take down his mark, to help keep his mind sharp, centered, focused, and in his on Zen-like state. So beware, fore who seems like your friend one moment might be, for the right price, the one who takes you to the crossroads.

Template: Mini Munny
Size: 4 inches tall
Our art toy show, Vinylmore, will run through March 31 @ atomic POP on Friday. We have nearly 50 different artists participating, working with Qees, Munnies, and various other blanks.


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