Saturday, March 17, 2007

Trading Party

On first Fridays, here in Hampden, a lot of merchants stay open later into the evening and have special sales or events. So come out, walk around!

April 6th, over at POP, we'll be having a low key trading party (for all those multiples of blind boxed toys you have - you can bring ANY toy to trade) and a Guitar Hero Competition to benefit Team Atomic who are once again riding for the Feast! There'll be refreshments and a bake sale to raise funds as well!

Starts at 7pm!

The prize for the winner on the Hard level will be a $100 gift certificate to Atomic Books/POP and a goodie bag of toys, books & other ephemera.

The prize for the winner on the Easy level $22.93.

It's just a $1 per try.

I, of course, will not be entered into the competition. I'll just be there to taunt you with my skillz. Unless you're 12 years old, then you'll probably kick my ass.

Yes, We Have No Colettes Or Tattoos

We've been getting a lot of calls and emails asking if we're getting in any of the new Colette and Tattoo series of Dunnys.

Sorry, no, we are not.

These are "super small projects" so they're not even available to most retailers.

We all love that these toys are unique and not mass produced, but sometimes the limited thing gets a little out of hand, no?

Oh well, all's fair in love and toys.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Visionaire Artist Toys

These nesting dolls by various artists and writers just came in!

Friday, March 09, 2007

Dr Sketchy

We had a class with Dr Sketchy last night at POP and it was so much fun we may try to make some sort life drawing class a regular event!

Next time maybe...Rollergirls? Belly dancers? Baltimore Tattoo Artists? Local bands? The possibilities are endless!

Monday, March 05, 2007

Satan Butter...Soap!

Smell like buttery cookies, just like Satan!